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Placenta Previa

Placenta previa happens when the placenta implants low and covers the cervix. If you have placenta previa you'll need to have a cesearean delivery.

There are three types of previa (depicted in the photo above).


Normally, the placenta will implant far away from the cervix. Most often it implants on the back wall of the uterus (normal placenta in the photo) or at the top of the uterus (called the "fundus"). Less often, it implants on the front wall ("anterior placenta") - this is not a worry for delivery, but it may mean that it is harder to feel your baby move.

Placentas that implant near or over the cervix are problematic. If it partially or totally covers the cervix (see photo above) a cesearean section will be the only delivery option.

The cervix is the the outlet through which the baby exits the womb. If the placenta covers the cervix completely, a cesearean section is the only mode of delivery possible.

A partial placenta previa may or may not require an operative...

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